Be part of GalGael's work.

Support for the work we do at GalGael can come in many forms. Whether it be in the form of physical volunteering, the sharing of skills or offering a few spare quid it all helps to keep GalGael being the special, vibrant hive of activity it is. And keeping it all going makes such a positive difference to the lives of our participants.

 Regular monthly donations from Kinship members can go a long way towards helping us continue to provide skills training, lunchtime meals (all home made by volunteers and staff), Thursday evening social gatherings, Friday educational and cultural excursions and so forth. GalGael provide a creative working environment where lives are changed for the better, where negative preconceptions and stigmas about jobless people are dispelled on a daily basis by simply giving folk the opportunity to show what they can achieve when given the chance. 

And the great thing is… any support you can offer results in real and tangible activities that make a real and tangible difference. Check us out on social media or come and visit us and see for yourself.

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Sign up to a monthly direct debit donation and we'll keep you up to date with what's going on at GalGael via our quarterly newsletter, you'll get a heads up re any classes or events that are going on and you'll be invited to attend two Kinship events per year. (Just Giving allow a minimum of £2 for monthly donations)

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If you need to get in touch email or call us on 0141 427 3070

Thank you.


Donations from the public are important to GalGael because it’s a source of money that can be directed to our most pressing need in taking forward current projects.