One Tree's Story

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GalGael has recently partnered up with Glasgow based tree surgeons Acorn Trees. Amongst many other things Acorn do tree work for George Leslie Civil Engineers. George Leslie Civil Engineers work for Scottish Water.

Jimmy with teh mighty ash. One day, not that long ago, Scottish Water gave George Leslie a call to say that a great big ash tree had such big roots that it was impacting on sewerage systems in Clarkston. The ash was a beauty but the land below the tree was eroding and the roots on the upside were compensating by grabbing sewerage pipes. It was likely that the tree would come down in the next big storm. If it did then all of Clarkstons poo would end up in Clarkston.

George Leslie said OK. We'll help. They called Acorn Tree Surgeons who have men with trucks and big saws. Acorn went in, paid their respects to the ash, and then cut it down. Now Acorn love trees. When they take part of a tree or a whole tree down they do their very best to make sure that all of it is used in the best possible way.

Jimmy from Acorn knows about the work of The GalGael and he loves what they do. He believes in people looking after themselves and being creative. He knows that GalGael use trees to make beautiful things and that timber they get also goes to help pay for their training programme, Journey On. So when Jimmy knew that he had to cut down the mighty ash he decided to call GalGael to ask if they could use it's wood. 

GalGael went and looked at the ash. They agreed that it was a beautiful tree. They too paid their respects. Once Jimmy's team had cut it down they went along with their great big slicing saw (called a Woodmizer) and sliced it up so that it could be made into beautiful furniture. The folks at GalGael also believe that things shouldn't move about too much.

For that reason they called their friends at Paul Hodgkiss Designs who work just down the road from the mighty ash. Paul Hodgkiss Designs believe in quality and craftsmanship and in keeping skills alive. They also believe that things shouldn't move about too much. So Paul came and looked at the ash. And he paid his respects too. Once he'd done that he said to GalGael "We will buy the timber that you cut from this mighty ash. We'll make it into beautiful furniture." GalGael said "OK Paul. That's good. We will dry the timber from the ash and in a year we will agree to sell it to you. We will use the money that you give us for the mighty ash to help fund our Journey On programme."

But the story wasn't finished there. GalGael also said to Paul, "We'd like to know what happens to this ash. How about both of our organizations keep very close tabs on the timber that has come from this ash? We will follow it and we will tell our friends about it and we'll also tell the other organizations that were involved in the story of the mighty ash. We'll tell Jimmy. He can tell George. And George can tell Scottish Water."

Paul thought that was a good idea so he said "OK."

Watch out for the next part of the story of this mighty ash.