Journeying On

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We recently appointed Maggie Anne Gachagan to the role of  Journey On Coordinator. Maggie Anne's comes from a background of working in the voluntary sector mainly with the homeless. Any of you who follow us on Facebook will be getting an idea of the energy and passion that Maggie Anne has for her work! 

With regard to the wider Journey On programme, lots has been happening with 3 new intakes since Maggie Anne started with us. 

Participants are bringing their skills and talents that are enhanced by the work we do here at GalGael. Lots of joinery skills are being put to good use creating products and commission pieces.  Here are a few examples of the activities we have been involved with: GalGael has produced a bench for Linlithgow Palace and wooden carvings for a sensory garden in KingsPark; hosted the launch of Oxfam’s Our Economy; been on visits to the Wallace Monument as part of the Scottish Heritage programme; worked in partnership with the Glasgow Museum Resource Centre and Lodging house Mission and some participants are training to become presenters on Sunny Govan Radio! To mention but a few things!

The journey on programme not only provides practical hands on experience for participants but also allows them to reflect on their hopes and aspirations for their life and explores strategies to work towards these goals

People are saying how their lives are changing ‘ I now realize I can do it!’ I have taken my kids to the Riverside Museum, I would have never done that before coming to GalGael.’ ‘ This is the first time I have been out of Glasgow in 7 years’ – Wallace Monument trip; ‘ I have friends but I cant believe how I speak with people in here. I have spoken about things as people are just great and are making me feel great’ I go in with a smile on my face and I leave with an even bigger smile on my face’ ‘I cant drive but I have sailed a boat doon the clyde… not many folk can say that … I never thought I’d say it!’