GalGael's Charter

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Last Summer, we launched our Charter – the outcome of a collaborative process that involved our whole community; participants, volunteers, board members and staff. The Charter felt more called for than the strategic plan that had lapsed. Our plans while producing much that was useful, always fell short in my view of speaking to the full depth and breadth of our work. The essence that made us GalGael was somehow missing. As we crossed the threshold into the next twenty years it felt important to try to distill this somehow. The Charter is ‘our gift to the stranger’ who walks through our doors in twenty years time. We want them to experience the same essence we hold dear.

Our Charter sets out our understanding of the context we work within, our vision, our purpose and the impact we seek to have in response to this. It makes clear the values and working principles that will keep us anchored. It stakes out who we are and what’s important to us – not in the hand-me-down business terminology of a strategic plan but in our own language and our own poetry. It is a piece of work which allows us to truly say ‘us’ and ‘we’. In the words of one of our volunteers, Iain – “two words I didn’t use until I came to GalGael”.

You can download the Charter here. We'd love to hear what you think.