GalGael running on crowd power!

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As our founder Colin Macleod said; “It’s not enough to have the great dream. We’re interested in people who want to wrestle it into reality and that means getting your sleeves rolled up and dealing with the rough as well as the smooth...” We’ve been rolling our sleeves up for the last 17 years and there have certainly been some rough times. But all that hard graft is paying off with our innovative projects that continue to push boundaries and are increasingly gaining international recognition. Or our social enterprise activities that are starting to generate income and meaning.

Your contributions will help us carve out the next chapter for GalGael’s work. Our innovative model of work supports self-reliance among our participants, many of who have to look at creating their own work because neither jobs nor benefits are readily available. The beauty of this model lies in that it does so at the same time as generating self-reliance for the organisation itself. But we still need wider support to continue our work.

Up for the task? Want to put your shoulder to it? Roll your sleeves up here.

You can also contribute by sharing the Indigogo campaign, If you all share with at least 10 people GalGael will have reached 5,000 individuals with this first email! Be part of carving out the next chapter of GalGael! Thank you! 


Donations from the public are important to GalGael because it’s a source of money that can be directed to our most pressing need in taking forward current projects.

‘This place is totally different to anywhere else I’ve ever known. They treat you as an equal....we all treat each other as equals. Where else do you get that?’