GalGael counts down the opening of the Commonwealth Games!

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After months of having to keep it a secret (not one of our strengths) it was a relief to see the beautifully carved No. 7 count down to the opening of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. GalGael's number seven was designed by Alasdair and carved by Chris (one of our amazingly talented participants). He was helped by Marco, Sean and Jonny. The Seven was cut from two green oak logs, stands 8 feet tall and with its steel base plate weighs over half a ton so we are grateful to George Leslie Ltd for getting it to the Riverside. It took 2 weeks to mill, join and carve and can be admired in our workshop for the next wee while anyway. 

The countdown was devised by Jack Morton Worldwide to promote community and craft groups through out Glasgow. 14 groups were approached to make the numbers involved as a billion viewers around the world counted down to the start of the twentieth Commonwealth Games. The numbers were filmed at locations around the city to showcase to the world the talent and the sites of Glasgow. GalGael skills stood out as the big screens flicked through to mark the last few seconds to the Opening Ceremony.

Thanks again goes to all those who contributed their skills and craftmanship to make the number come to life and to represent GalGael in such a prestigous way as the eyes of the world fell on Glasgow.

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