This guidance has been pulled together to offer assistance to support workers who are considering someone for referral to GalGael’s Journey On programme. It has been our experience that those who have got the most benefit from their time with us are those who have been assessed as appropriate referrals by the referring agency.

GalGael’s Journey On has been set up to offer folk a place of work, some respect and some tools - both physical and attitudinal - to help them on life’s journey. However, we are reliant on ongoing working relationships with our partner agencies in supporting people with specialised support needs.

The following guidance is intended to help with this and  should be used with reference to the Journey On page.

GalGael’s workshop is an industrial environment with machinery and chemicals so please consider the following; 

1. Does the candidate demonstrate sufficient coherence and have they stabilised chaotic addiction or behavioural issues?
2. Does the candidate demonstrate awareness of the expectations that a work environment places on them? For example; focus, responsibility, teamwork, health & safety?
3. What would indicate that the candidate is motivated to participate fully in the Journey On programme? How much do they know about what GalGael does and doesn’t offer?

In order to appropriately manage our duty of care to all those in the GalGael community we need to be made aware of the following types of background information;

a.    Violent behaviour / extreme religious or racial intolerance
b.    Addiction issues
c.    Severe mental health issues
d.    Medication that either through its side effects or through not taking it has the potential to de-stabilise the candidate
e.    Inappropriate sexual behaviour
f.    Any issues that have the potential to adversely affect either the candidate or other participants.

Candidates from these backgrounds will still be considered for the course. However, it is now part of our individualised risk assessment that we are made aware of issues of this nature so that we can adequately manage potential harm to self or others. 

We are aware and fully compliant with the 8 principles of the Data Protection Act, which “gives individuals the right to know what information is held about them...[and] provides a framework to ensure that personal information is handled properly”. With this assurance, we would ask for your full cooperation in this matter.

We require the ongoing engagement of referring agencies in providing support with referrals' specific needs. Beyond this we need to be informed if there are any changes in their circumstances that would have an impact on their behaviour, risk of harm to self or others or on their attendance.
If after having given the above consideration, you are satisfied that the candidate is an appropriate referral, then please complete an applicant risk assessment form and submit to the GalGael office. We will assess our ability to accommodate the applicant.

In most cases this will result in an invitation to apply. This usually involves the applicant visiting GalGael to look round the workshop, completing a simple application form and undergoing a basic interview to determine their motivation. They will be offered the next available place on the basis of the outcome of this interview. We take intakes of 8-10 participants every 4 weeks. 

Where we feel we do not have the resources or expertise to accommodate someone, we will do our best to signpost to alternative opportunities.