Journey On

Our Journey On programme seeks to reconnect people with the best within themselves through positive learning journeys grounded in practical activity. Activities like working on producing our range of wooden products or working alongside crafts-folk to handcraft furniture, cooking in the kitchen, processing Scottish timber or helping out at a range of public events. These learning journeys are enriched by wider activities like boat building, rowing, rural skills, community and creative projects.

GalGael Workshop We offer a unique work place... a place of respect... a workplace that challenges, inspires and creates the conditions conducive to learning; a place where mistakes are not only made but owned as our best teachers, where issues are left at the door and new identities forged.

Participant Journey

You can access the programme through your support worker or agency or by calling and arranging to come in for a visit. Support from staff and peers will guide new participants in designing their own development plan according to their needs and goals. Plans will look to build on people’s strengths and provide scope for reflection, learning and transformation. Each plan will plot a journey through the various opportunities within GalGael’s activities and make the most of our delivery partners such as the Workers Educational Association, the Open Museum and Cardonald College as well as a range of independent artists. 

All our journeys will start with hands-on projects and activities. Along the way, we’ll check the best route forward, reflect on how things are going and refine the destination. When new opportunities arise in the workshop we’ll support you to progress as your skills, capabilities and confidence increase.

At our benches, you’ll build products and confidence and build the kind of working relationships that will serve you along the way. We believe you’ll be looking for a hand up – not a hand out. So we aim to offer some tools, a workplace and a bit of respect and let you get on with doing what you can do best. We believe you’ll already have much of what you need to get on in life. We’re simply here to offer some support along the way and create a workplace where you can take a lead in your own progression and development. 

It’s why we describe GalGael as a learning community rather than a training programme. A community of people coming together to co-operatively meet some of our needs; our shared need for belonging, to learn, to work, to contribute our creativity, and to connect meaningfully with others. Membership of this community will challenge, inspire and empower and, for some of us, be something of a ‘rite of passage’ that enables us to find the best within ourselves. Membership is for as long as we want; we aren’t about cynically processing ‘numbers’, rather we’ll support the changing nature of our membership where the balance shifts between what we receive and what we feel able to give. Journey On will happen within this kind of community.

Using traditional skills as a vehicle and working with natural materials such as wood, stone and metal, Journey On provides opportunities to pick up new skills, and get in to good life habits; creating numerous opportunities for working up your strengths. Practical activity provides a practical focus, while other transformations get to work on deeper personal levels. 

At the end of your journey with us you’ll have greater personal capacity and resilience. With more motivation and hope in the future we’d expect to see folk leaving their time here with better life chances and outlook. Finding paid work will be the end of their journey with us for some participants – while for others the meaning, purpose and fulfillment you’ll find from working with GalGael will have made the journey worthwhile and keep them on track to keep progressing on life’s journey.

To apply, download the forms to the left and call to arrange a tour of the project. The number to call is 0141 427 3070

Journey On is funded by; Scottish Government - People and Communities Fund, Glasgow City Council - Integrated Grant Fund, Glasgow City Community Health Partnership, Glasgow Housing Association, Historic Environment Scotland, Kenneth Miller Trust and Robertson Trust


The 'Referrals' page offers guidance for those that may be considering referring a client to GalGael's Journey On programme.