Chris suffered from depression, was on prescribed medication and had barely left his house for over 10 years. Keen to break out of his situation, Chris heard about GalGael through a healthcare worker and was attracted to the possibility of working with wood, something he had always been interested in. After only a few weeks of participating in Navigate Life, Chris reduced his anti-depressants and by the end of the 12 week programme, felt ready to come off them entirely.

‘I felt like a different person...I looked forward to getting up and out every day; I had a reason to keep going for the first time in years’.

Chris went on to make several pieces of furniture and contributed to the building of one of GalGael’s boats.

After completing the 12 week project, Chris took up the option of becoming a volunteer and 2 years later remains committed to regular involvement in the programme, offering guidance and the success of his own story to those just starting out on their recovery.

Chris puts his newfound well being down to the people, atmosphere and respect he experiences at GalGael. He feels he has a family in GalGael...a group of people who nurture and care for each other. 


The Kinship is for those who want to become a more lasting part of GalGael's work through a monthly donation.